Will dumb browsers become extinct with the Web Crypto API?

From the point of identity services web browsers lack intelligence. The only access to identity management is relying on the TCP stack using TLS and client certificates, which proved to be neither scalable nor secure in the standard case. Browsers do not know their identity providers and cannot reliably execute the cryptographic primitives of hashing, signing verifying etc.
Multiple initiatives including Microsoft's Cardspace failed to mitigate the problem with plugins or active clients. OIX (driven by Google) is moving the problem to the cloud using the Account Chooser concept.
W3C, late in the game, is up to fix the problem at the source. The Web Cryptography API spec (now available as a working draft for public comment) is about extending the browser's security model at the application (=Javascript) level. By providing the user agent with operations on keys, signatures etc. it shall enable applications in the browser to achieve crypto-grade confidentiality, integrity and authenticity.
This effort has to complete the W3C process and be adopted by the browser venders. Although this might take years, the approach is absolutely worthwhile. Please support it! It will help bowsers to be not dumb any more regarding security. It won't help to filter dumb contents, alas.