ABA Identity Management Legal Task Force Meeting (London, Dec 10-11)

This meeting brought together lawyers and other identity experts from the EU and U.S. to discuss the legal challenges of identity management. Hans Graux and Andrea Servida presented the views from the perspective of the EC's new eID regulation draft, the U.S. perspectives were presented by Naomi Lefkovitz NSTIC. Other public sector viewpoints came from David Rennie (UK Cabinet Office Identity Assurance Programme) and the eCODEX project.
Besides the public sector efforts there are priveate sector services that do operate across multiple jurisdictions, although in closed systems, i.e. not addressing consumers/citizens. Identrust provides a trustframwork that its clients use in 175 countries, and the SAFE Biopharma framework is used by CAs that comply with both the Federal Bridge policy and requirements to issue qualified certificates. 
ISOC's Christine Runnegar shed a light on the differences of data protection legislation in different continents, however was unable to provide a simple, fast and consistent solution to all the consequential problems ;-)
Renaud Sorieul, Director of UNCITRAL's International Trade Law Division explained the status of identiy management in UNCITRAL. The are aware that this is an important and upcoming problem, however did not put the topic on the agenda yet. Given the available resources UNCITRAL will need contributions from members, but could then be an appropriate forum to esablish international treaties.