EUSTIX: new focus team for "Mapping the Internet"

The transition into a digital society is putting up a challenge for policy makers who need to consider the competing objectives of the innovation ecosystem, consumer protection, intellectual property rights, law enforcement and privacy. Will there be different Internets - a safe one with security, accountability and redress, and a uncensored one featuring better anonymity? Would strict forms of protection of privacy, security or intellectual property rights result in an excess of repression and censorship, or discourage innovation? Would pseudonymity be a feasible compromise? What are the legal and technical measures that are appropriate?

MAPPING - Managing Alternatives for Privacy, Property and Internet Governance - is an EU-funded project to work out a better understanding and contribute to an enabling framework for managing the digital transition and improving the innovation climate in Europe. EUSTIX, with its cross-cutting topic of trust, privacy and identity, is participating in the project to coordinate the contribution of Austrian stakeholders.

Read more unter Focus Team: Internet Governance, Privacy and IPR if you are interested to join the discussion.